IM Forex Trading Guide

IM Mastery Academy is academy where you will find strategies, traders and educators


Here you can learn different strategies that will fit your trading style


Check for yourself and become a profitable trader

From a Beginner to a Trader

You will know:

  • How to introduce IML academy to your friends
  • Which benefits you can get by joining IML academy
  • How to make money by sharing trading experience with others

Share your experience with others so they can learn like you do. Do not hold your experience only for yourself, but help others to learn how to trade.

By sharing IML academy experience you will help others and make money

IML Mastery Academy

Lear all about IM Mastery Academy

IML Academy Strategies

Here is a list of all possible strategies you can use in trading on IML academy

IML Compensation Plan

How you can get paid you will learn in this part

IML Compensation Plan

What is Forex Rank, Chairman and etc..

IM Harmonics Scanner

Check the best tool IM Mastery Academy has to offer for harmonic pattern recognition

Harmonic Pattern Scanner

IM harmonic pattern scanner